Me & My Jingles


a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, esp. as used in advertising.
synonyms:slogan, catchphrase;

Jingles ?! Who knew this would be a major part of my career? Not me! And who knew the very first jingle I would co-write with Doug Riley, would be so popular later to be recorded as a record AND get onto the CHUM HIT PARADE charts. CHUM HIT PARADE

Playing in bands was great, it was what I loved, but I still had to have ‘day’ job; a ‘real’ job. So when I returned from playing in the United States with Dave O’Neill, I got a job in the mail room at MacLaren Advertising while still gigging during the nights and weekends. It was there that I met Tony Tudhope. I left MacLaren to go to college whilst Tony stayed on and climbed the corporate ladder and became a producer at MacLaren. I was playing guitar with Robbie Lane & The Disciples when Tony asked if I could write a jingle for the Baby Ruth candy bar that was so popular in the States. I contacted my good friend, Doug Riley, and together we wrote ‘Baby Ruth‘. To my knowledge, it was the first Rock ‘n Roll jingle ever done in Canada.