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CBC Music DEC. 2013
blog post Maybe Tomorrow: the story of Terry Bush and his (originally hated) Littlest Hobo theme by: Chris Dart


I was thrilled to be included in SOCAN’s magazine ~ under the heading
CANADIAN CLASSICS Songs that stick with us….
Page 23

BC Living Magazine ~ Entertainment ~ April 2012

I was happily amazed that ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ was voted the second top Canadian TV Theme Song.
“As Canadians, we have a mild embarrassment when it comes to our television programs. There’s always something that seems a little off compared to big-budget American shows. It may be the lower production values, the actors who are starring in commercials at the same time, or the fact an animal often gets billed above the human actors in the opening credits. But when it comes to theme songs, Canadian TV takes a back seat (or chesterfield, as we call it) to no one!

The theme song is a lost art form. If you turn on a TV now, the song may be way too short like Mr. D’s or unnecessarily aggressive like Dragons’ Den’s. In the 1970s and ’80s, producers recognized the value of the theme song. They were long and expositional and often more memorable than the shows themselves. As a result, most of the theme songs on this list come from that era.” (courtesy of CBC Music Site)