UK Adverts featuring Maybe Tomorow


This TV advert actually aired in 1999 in the UK. The story behind this one — I didn’t even know they were using my song ! I had no idea the song was popular in the UK and no idea (until it was complete) that a group called Scooch re-recorded the song and put it out as a single. My lyricist, John Crossen just happened to have some friends in the advertising business in England, they told John about the ad. I then contacted CTV, who seemed to think they owned all the rights to my song. I won’t go into all those details except that it prompted me to get a computer, make a CD and start searching ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ theme from the Littlest Hobo TV Series….I’m still surprised and blown away by how many folks worldwide hold the song close to their heart. This advert used my original track from the TV Series and won an award for best commercial. I thought this was a really sweet, clever animated ad. Enjoy the videos.


This was the next UK advert to use my song, Maybe Tomorrow. They chose to use the re-recorded version of the song, by Scooch (a UK boy/girl group that had popularity in the early years of 2000) This ad featured UK comedian, Paddy McGuinness). Short and sweet.


I was thrilled with the end result of this commercial. Absolutely beautifully shot. Great scenery and the dog running and roaming the streets – beautiful. I’m also a dog lover! I’ve had dogs throughout my life, and at one time, had two English sheepdogs; Buffy and Panda. I was also proud that they used my newly recorded version of the song with an added verse written by John Crossen, my lyricist. This ad campaign was a huge success for DULUX.