Back in February of 1971, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is said to have mouthed the words “f*&^ off” to an opposition party member in the House of Commons. When the media questioned him on the incident he said that the mouthed words were “fuddle duddle“. And soon the words became part of the Canadian cultural vernacular.

That day, back in 1971, I was having lunch with my brother, Jack and good friend, the late Gary Alles. We were having a good laugh about the incident and started to joke around about a song. By the end of the lunch, it was written. We came up with the lyrics, I wrote the music and we were in the studio within the next couple days. The record was released within two weeks and charted March 6, 1971 on the RPM Top Singles Chart and went to #82 on March 27. RPM also placed it at #86 on the Top 100 year-end chart. We had a lot of friends join us in the recording, including myself on guitar/bass/vocals and Doug Riley on keys. Doug wrote an instrumental “Funky Fuddle Duddle” for side 2.

This YouTube link has all the lyrics.

I just came across this YouTube video the other day ~ Prime Minister Trudeau and his defense.

Come on Let’s Play (…let’s play hockey)
Original Theme From the Canada Cup 1976

Cover of record

Cover ~ inside leftInside left let's play